Commercial Water Softener System

Designed to reduce costs and improve efficiency for commercial water treatment systems:

  • Extending the life of your water-using appliances
  • Extending the life of your boiler systems
  • Saving you up to 75% on soap & chemical cleaning costs
  • Reducing hard water build-up in your pipes, sinks, faucets & dishwashers

Types of Commercial Water Softening Systems

Top Mount Series Commercial Softener

Reduce operating costs and improve efficiency with a smart choice.

Side Mount Series Commercial Softener

Efficient and scalable heavy-duty water treatment system.

High-Flo 50 Commercial Softener

Durable high-volume water softening for industrial applications.

Here are just a few industries where commercial & industrial water softening can reduce costs:

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This video gives you a great idea of our Commercial & Industrial water softening and treatment capabilities.

Every industrial water treatment application, whether for a restaurant, hospital, hotel or office is unique, so please use the contact form to let us know more about your water needs.

Culligan Texas provides:

  1. 75 years of innovation in research & development
  2. Free quotes & water analysis
  3. Professional application engineers on staff
  4. Guaranteed service after the sale

With the support of the entire Culligan International organization and over 200 years of combined experience in the local market, we have the best solutions to meet your commercial and industrial water needs. Call or fill out the form for a free water system review, quote and analysis.

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